If you would like to make your make-up look more special, try soft, smoky eyes.

This look doesn’t have to be dramatic using only black, but can create a softer appearance using greys or for example, an aubergine colour.

If you don’t have the exact colour you want in your make-up bag, don’t be afraid to experiment, mixing a couple of colours you do have together, such as adding grey shadow to purple, can create a really flattering shade of colour.

When using dark eye shadow colours (especially black), ensure you tap the loaded brush before applying to the eyes, to prevent fall out on to the cheeks. Some people do their base make-up after their eyes for this reason.


1) Apply your chosen shadow colour along your top lash line and gradually blend upwards, until you have covered the lid of your eyes. Ensure that it is properly blended , so there are no hard edges. Once you’ve applied with a brush, cotton buds are great for softening any hard edges.


2) Apply either a black or grey kohl pencil to the inside rims of both the top and bottom of the eye, ensuring you go right into the inner corners to get the shape.


3) Along the top lash line, you can use either a liquid liner, kohl pencil or a gel liner, applied with a slanted, flat bristled brush, right into the lashes along the top lash line to avoid any gap between your lashes and where your liner starts. Kohl pencil can be smudged with a cotton bud to soften the line.


4) Then use a flat slanted eyeliner brush (tap loaded brush first) and apply eye shadow along top lash line and then along the bottom lash line, softening line with a cotton bud, ensuring the top and bottom corners meet; you can then create a flick, should you want too.


5) Apply two coats of mascara and curl lashes.


6) Define brow shape using either a eyebrow pencil or shadow in the colour of your eyebrows, using light feathery strokes. To create a more glamorous look, apply either strip or individual false lashes.


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