To show or to hide – is the big question

Some brides feel that their tattoos are part of who they are and are proud to show them off, whilst to others, they are desperate to hide them and their tattoos just don’t feature in the image they have of themselves on their wedding day wearing a gorgeous dress, with hair and make-up looking amazing, and so want to cover them up.


So, how do you go about covering a tattoo?

Skin camouflage products are different to normal make-up products in that they are specially formulated, so that when fully set, they will not rub off on to your clothing, which is obviously of vital importance on your wedding day and will last for up to 8-12 hours on the face and up to 2-3 days on the limbs.


Are camouflage products easy to apply?

I am trained in remedial skin camouflage and with a Camouflage Consultation; I will show you how to apply the products to get the best results.


How do I choose which products are right for me?

Rather than buying products straight off the Internet without trying them first, I have all the main brands of camouflage creams and powders available that we can sample to determine which best suits you.


How do I find a colour match?

At a Camouflage Consultation, I have a vast amount of shades of colour available, so we can find the exact match for you.

With a tattoo, it is not as straightforward as just finding a colour match. Owing to the colours in a tattoo, it usually means that the complementary colour theory needs to be applied, using an appropriate shade of colour to blank out the colours of the tattoo first, before a colour match can be applied.


Do camouflage creams look thick and heavy on the skin?

No, although they may look thick in their container, when used very sparingly with a very fine coat, will look very natural on the skin.

Another difference with camouflage creams and powders to normal make-up products is that after applying, if your tattoo is still visible after 10 minutes, another fine layer of cream and powder can be applied without disturbing what’s previously been applied.

Remedial camouflage can also be used to cover acne scarring, vitiligo, rosacea, psoriasis, scars, birth marks, port wine stains, age spots, stretch marks etc


For more information and to book a Camouflage Consultation, please Contact Me through the website.

Sue x