Don’t Know Where to Start? My 8 Top Tips to De-Clutter and Start Afresh

Do you find when you’re getting ready to go out, you are searching through your make-up bag for that special lip gloss or eye liner, only to find you have to rummage through products that have been in there for years?

Well you’re not on your own. So, where do we start to de-clutter and start afresh:

  1. Gather all your make-up products together from around the house, including your make-up bag, drawers, cupboards, pockets, and handbag.
  2. Arrange all the same items together.
  3. Throw away anything you have had for 2 years or longer.
  4. Smell everything and throw away anything that doesn’t smell, as it should.
  5. Mascara should be changed every 3 months.
  6. Throw away anything that is chipped, runny or messy, brushes that are falling apart and powder puffs/sponges that are dirty or falling apart.
  7. Check to see if any liquids have separated—if so, dispose of them.
  8. Throw away anything that you never use and are not likely to use, including colours that are pasty or dull looking.

You can now replace any essential items you need, whether it be for a day or evening make-up look!

Sue x