With having years of experience in the wedding industry, there are lots of top tips I can give you that will ensure your wedding morning runs smoothly.


  1. If there are several of you having your hair and make-up done on the day, draw up a timetable with names and timings for each, so you make best use of time on the morning, as it goes so quickly.  Don’t put yourself last, as this can be stressful, if you see everybody else ready before you are.
  2. If you are going to a hair salon, give yourself plenty of travelling time.  Book an early appointment and if there are a group of you, ensure you have several stylists booked, so time does not run over.
  3. Give yourself a clear hour after your hair and make-up is finished to just relax, put your dress on and see the registrar, if it is a civil ceremony.
  4. If you are wearing a corseted dress, ensure the person who is lacing it up for you has a lesson with the assistant at the dress shop on how to lace it up correctly, as this can be quite stressful and time-consuming, which you don’t need in the last hour before you leave.
  5. If you have young bridesmaids, put their dresses on at the last minute possible to avoid food or drink spilling over them.


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Sue x