Are You A Little Apprehensive When It Comes To Wedding Make-up? 

Maybe you wear little or no make-up or you’ve had a bad experience, where the result wasn’t quite what you had hoped, then let me put your mind at rest.

When I’m chatting with brides there are several questions/comments that I often get asked about:


“Do I really need wedding make-up?” 

Your wedding day look is very glamorous compared to what you would normally wear. Think of your dress and how you are having your hair; your make-up is the finishing touch to your overall look on your wedding day. Without it, it’s very easy to look pale and washed out, but even a natural make-up will ensure you look healthy and radiant on your photographs and will make you look and feel special, giving you an inner confidence that will last the whole day through.


“I’m thinking of getting a friend/ relative / friend of a friend to do my make-up”

This can put you in an awkward position if you don’t like the make-up look and have then got to let them down gently or risk a bad atmosphere / falling out or say nothing, but spend the day wishing you hadn’t agreed to the idea.


“I don’t usually wear make-up so I’m concerned it will be too heavy”

Make-up products now are very sheer, feel light on the skin and give a fabulous natural finish. By enhancing your natural features, people will comment on how amazing you look.

To help you define the style of make-up you are after, cut out pictures from magazines of make-up looks you like and take them with your to your make-up trial.


“With the stress of the wedding, I find I’m coming out in spots regularly”

Don’t worry, this is very common with the stress of organising a wedding and happens a lot to brides, but it is easy enough to cover blemishes so your skin looks great and no one will know they’re there. On the photos, you will be amazed at how immaculate your skin looks.


“My skin is so sensitive, there are very few products I can use”

If you know the ingredient you are allergic to, then it is easy enough to check beforehand whether products contain this ingredient. If you don’t, then if you know whether a certain brand causes a reaction, then obviously that brand can be avoided. If not, this is another reason why it is vitally important to have a trial to check whether the products are fine on your skin. If, however, your skin is really sensitive and you would rather your own products be used, which you totally trust, then that is fine.


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Sue x