I often get asked if there are any make-up tips I can give for looking younger, so have put together 8 top tips that will make a real difference.


  1. Looking good starts with good skin care. If your skin looks great then you’re part way there to looking fabulous. For many women, skin becomes drier – so keep your skin hydrated by using a good moisturiser with a sun protection factor. Also consider using a night cream and eye cream.
  2. Using a sheer foundation will feel really light on your skin and will even out your skin tone, making it look fabulous.
  3. Lightening and brightening around the eye area will make a huge difference, because as we get older, skin can look quite dull and darker around the eye area. Using a brightener such as Touche Eclat or similar under the eyes and in the inner corners of the eyes will give an instant lift to the eye area, making you look alert and wide awake.
  4. Eyelids can droop as women get into their late 50’s and beyond, so use a light colour on the eyelids and a darker colour around the brow bone, remembering to blend well. This will open the eyes up, making them look bigger and your droopy eyelids won’t be visible.
  5. Don’t forget blusher, as we can lose a lot of colour as we get older and applying blusher will instantly make you look healthy.
  6. Eyebrows can really help to define the face. Keep them nicely shaped and even if they are very thin and the brow hair has not grown back from over-plucking years ago, use a brow brush in an eye shadow the colour of your brows and apply using light, feathery strokes to define your brow shape.
  7. Lips get paler and thinner, so use a natural coloured pencil first of all to give the lips some definition and to stop your lipstick from bleeding.  By going for a brighter lip colour this will be really flattering and will give you an instant lift.
  8. Keep the same tones together – so decide whether you are going for example for cool tones such as pinks/purples or the warm tones of peaches and cream.


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Sue x