With the freezing weather we’re having this Winter, it can play havoc with your skin.

10 Top Tips to get your skin looking and feeling great.

1) The effects of central heating and going out into the elements, can have a really drying effect on the skin. Top Tip: Try Neal’s Yard Remedies gorgeous, Wild Rose Beauty Balm. I recommend using it as a mask or even a night balm. It smells divine and leaves your skin looking lovely and dewy.

2) Choose a cleanser, toner and moisturiser suitable for your skin type and use daily. Organic products are great as they don’t contain any chemicals or additives, which can often be what the skin has a reaction too.

3) If your skin is sensitive, ensure this is the over-riding factor you keep in mind when choosing products.

4) Exfoliate 1-3 times a week to ensure your skin is soft and smooth and any dry patches are removed. Neal’s Yard’s Rose Facial Polish is a lovely one and very gentle on the skin.

5) If your skin is feeling particularly oily, using a deep cleansing mask on the oily areas to remove excess oil will give your skin a deep clean.

6) Apply a mattifier over your moisturiser if you are prone to shine during the day.

7) An eye cream is a great investment to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness. Top Tip: To apply, tap a little product around the orbital bone of the eyes. The skin around the eye is like blotting paper and the product will naturally work its way up. If you put it directly underneath, it can be too much for the eyes and cause puffiness.

8) Removing your make-up every night need only take a couple of minutes. Use an eye make-up remover and a facial wash for your face, as it really feels like you’re giving your skin a good clean. Using wipes maybe quick but can leave your skin feeling really dry.

9) Don’t forget your lips, especially at this time of year, as they can be prone to dryness and chap. Neal’s Yard Remedies Beautiful Lips, Bee Lovely balm is a great one.

10) Treat yourself to regular facials. Remember, if your skin looks good, your make-up will look even better.

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