Is it true that wearing the same colour eye shadow, as my eyes will be the most flattering?

Your eyes will look so much bigger wearing different shades, for example pink and grey will really make blue eyes stand out and using purple or navy blue will look really flattering on brown eyes.


Do I need to wear lots of coats of mascara to make my eyes look bigger?

A couple of coats of mascara should be plenty, but the way in which you apply your eye shadow and eye liner can really make your eyes look massive.


I’ve always worn eyeliner all the way around my eyes to make them stand out. Is this right?

Wearing eyeliner all the way around your eyes will actually make them look smaller. Try wearing your liner either along the top and bottom outer third, fading it gradually or, along the bottom and top outer third. This will help to open your eyes up.


Will wearing a dark lipstick make my lips look bigger?

Actually, a lighter colour lipstick will make your lips look fuller, especially if it has a shimmer to it.


I don’t like wearing foundation, as I feel like I’m wearing a mask.  Do I really need to wear one?

Foundations are so sheer now that they are merely evening out your skin tone, and make such a difference to your overall look, ensuring that your skin looks fabulous, but it is not obvious you are wearing foundation. Also, make sure your foundation is the same shade as your skin, by checking it on your jaw line.


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