Red lipstick was a key trend on Autumn / Winter catwalks. But what does red lipstick mean to you?

Is it a symbol of 1950’s elegance and glamour, worn by the likes of Marilyn Munroe and Elizabeth Taylor and you love to wear it?

Or, do you shy away from red lipstick, assuming you can’t wear it at all?  Well, you’re not on your own, many women feel this way, but it all depends on getting the right shade of red for you.

If your skin has more of a pink cast, a cool blue toned red lipstick is going to look really flattering.  Whereas, if you have more of a peachy or golden cast to your skin, a warm toned, or more orangey red lipstick is going to look really beautiful.  The right shade will brighten your face and look really flattering.

If you find it a challenge getting the right shade of red for you, then try blending colours together until you get the shade that really flatters you and, add a little gloss, if you have small lips, to make the effect more sheer.


As red lipstick is so powerful, it will make more of a statement if you keep the rest of your make-up very natural.

  • Apply foundation, concealer and powder to even out your skin tone.
  • Keep blusher and eye shadow to a minimum.
  • Define your brows.
  • Add mascara.
  • You can then define your lip shape using lip liner and to prevent your lipstick from bleeding.
  • Lastly, apply your lipstick, blot and re-apply for longer lasting colour.


To give yourself time to feel more confident with your new look, try it with different outfits, so you can see the stunning look that can be achieved.

So, instead of reaching for your lip gloss, go for the beauty and elegance of red lips for your night out. It will be worth it!


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