I’ve had several people ask me what Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm can be used for, so have put the following list together and hope you find it useful.

Wild Rose Beauty Balm is one of my favourite Neal’s Yard products, which I absolutely love.  It smells gorgeous and the results of using it can be seen and felt immediately on your skin.  If you have a pot or I’ve given you a sample, then the following is a list that I have gleaned from the various product-training courses I have been on, my own experiences and those of others.

Wild Rose Beauty Balm contains – the natural ingredients of rose hip seed oil, hempseed oil, patchouli, rosemary and palmarosa and can be used:

1) As a facial cleanser
2) As an exfoliator
3) As a mask – apply to the skin, and then hold a hand hot flannel over your face to catapult the essential oils into your skin.  Remove the flannel and leave balm on for about 20 minutes.  Remove with a flannel
4) As an after sun – helps to repair sun exposed skin
5) Good to use on scars, as it helps to re-align the collagen fibres
6) Lip salve for dry or chapped lips
7) Night balm – if your skin is feeling really dry, apply a fine layer and leave on all night
8) Cracked heels
9) Dry hands
10) If you get eczema
11) on cold sores
12) Soothes and repairs dry skin on elbows or anywhere else on the body
13) Around cuticles
14) Good for stretch marks
15) Good for broken capillaries
16) Can be used on children in a very light application

Phew!  And I’m sure there are many more.  If you find other uses for it, let me know and I will add them to the list.

Wild Rose Beauty Balm acts as a barrier against moisture loss, improves skin tone, elasticity and texture, is nourishing and enriching, leaving the skin looking radiant and dewy and the palmarosa helps to unblock pores and re-balance sebum production, so it can be used on every skin type.

It comes in a 50g pot and costs £37.  You only need a tiny amount in one application, so it should last around 12 months, so very good value.

To order direct and have delivered to you at home click the link below

NYR Organic Shop – Sue York – Makeup Artist

Or you can order through myself by calling/texting 0784 751 0343 or by emailing me

Enjoy January,

Sue x