If there is one product a lot of us can’t do without and that is our mascara, as it immediately makes our eyes stand out, but are you getting the most from your mascara?

1) Firstly, you want to make sure you coat all your lashes and the best way to do this is to close your eye and zig zag your brush horizontally across the top of your lashes.

2) Then, open your eye and zig zag your brush horizontally across the underside of your lashes.

This will ensure every lash is coated with mascara.

3) Next holding your brush horizontally, take the brush from root to tip of your lashes and hold at the tip for a second.

4) Now hold your brush vertically and move up the lashes from root to tip.  This is especially effective with the lashes at the outer edges.

5) With what’s left on your brush, carefully go along your bottom lashes.  If you find you tend to get mascara on the skin under your eye, try holding a tissue underneath the eye and this will prevent this happening.

If you have very long lashes, it may be more effective to just use mascara on your top lashes, as doing the bottom ones as well, can create a spidery effect.

To finish use an eye lash curler.  As well as the ones that clamp your lashes, heated eye lash curlers are great.  They work using a AAA battery and only take seconds to heat up.  Apply after mascara, holding back the lashes with the wand for several seconds as you move along the top lash line.  Your lashes will look amazing. Ruby & Millie used to do a great version, but a company called Blinc do one that looks the same.

Finally, you may want to add strip lashes or individual lashes for a full, all out glamour effect.

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Have a great week.

Sue x